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A head start


The attention span of a child is short, especially when faced with a difficult task. However, in a game, children make an extra effort in trying to solve the assignments themselves.

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Together with a team of award-winning Swedish teachers and developers we have created the next generation educational applications as a complement to the children’s curriculum.


We all learn differently, and the interactive games allow children to excel at their own pace and gradually adjust the difficulty levels with more challenging tasks.

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About Zcooly

—  Our Mission  —

What if we told you that there was a way to improve your child’s grades, by letting them play a game? Sound too good to be true? We made it possible.

Zcooly was founded in 2012 with the belief that we could offer children a new way to approach knowledge. The secret? We use children’s own interests in games as a driving force to make them want to learn.

We offer several educational games, which adhere to both the Swedish and American education model. Today, thousands of Swedish school classes use our educational games on a daily basis. And the numbers keep growing.

Explore how Zcooly can give your child a head start.

Discover the world of Zcooly.

Future Heroes

When a child succeeds it brings great pride. With an increased confidence, an assignment becomes just another puzzle to solve. And the child feels like a superhero.

Play Ahead

Combine the joy of gaming with education and give your child the tools to get a head start. With interactive puzzels and instant rewards, learning becomes a treat.

Fun Learning

Some children read books and others excel through gaming exercises. Studies have shown that the best results arise when both are combined. Approach knowledge through the fun world of Zcooly.

Give your child a head start! Created by award-winning teachers and developers, Zcooly offers a new and fun approach to knowledge.

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