About Zcooly

Welcome to Zcooly!

Zcooly is an exciting program offering several educational games made for kids between the ages of five to twelve years of age. The program was started in 2012 with the belief that it could offer younger school students a fun way to discover new methods and techniques for learning.

Zcooly is contained in its own game-world filled with many different environments and characters. It is a huge, extensive, and ongoing concept full of education games that are developed and released at a steady pace.

The games are not platform-specific, meaning that you can play them on almost any computer or mobile device.

The purpose of Zcooly is to engage and challenge students to educate themselves. Zcooly uses children’s interest in games to get children to learn. Our goal is to develop an entire world full of fun and educational games for different subjects that are engrossing and motivate children to learn, both at school and in their free-time.

Zcooly School Edition

Many Swedish schools, from north to south, use Zcooly games in their classes, it has become a great tool for teachers and students alike.


Teachers can see each challenges our games offer as well as all of the students in the Zcooly School Edition directory. In this system you can analyze in-game progress of a student, see where they are struggling/excelling, and address each issue in each game individually. School Edition does this by allowing teachers to send individual playing assignments to their students based on individual skill levels and abilities in each game.


With Zcooly students receive a comprehensive concept with a plethora of games.

All Zcooly games come with a well-planned progression/difficulty scale and challenges that give each student unlimited chances at completion, which gives students the opportunity to practice and solidify their knowledge at their current level and the opportunity to be challenged in new difficulty levels.

Zcooly guarantee educational child-friendly games, developed with experienced teachers and award-winning game developers. There are no in-app purchases (IAP) in our games.