(Ages 9 - 12)

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Practise mathematics with Zcooly! Children will learn and exercise multiplication and the times tables in a funny way. Intended for children between 9 to 12 years of age.

"Come with us into space! The lemurs are out on a rescue mission to save the stranded hamsters on the other side of the galaxy. But they need your help navigating through space! Help them progress through the galaxy and buy new clothes and accessories for the money you earn!”

Space is an educational game from Zcooly where children play a game and at the same time develop their logical thinking and their mathematical skills. Space is developed in collaboration with school teachers.

- Everyone speaks english.
- No ads or commercials.
- No in-app-purchases.
- Simple User Interface.

You need a Zcooly account to play Zcooly Space.

Space screenshot
Space screenshot
Space screenshot
Space screenshot

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