Zcooly Time Ranch

(Ages 5 - 9)

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5/5 by educationalappstore.com
5/5 by educationalappstore.com
"Learning to tell the time is a process that needs time to develop and to be revisited to embed the skill. Having a good variety of apps to do this makes the jobs of teachers and parents easier and children's learning experience more fun. Time Ranch deserves its place within your app collection."

Learn to tell the time in no time, with Zcooly Time Ranch. Developed by experienced teachers and award winning designers, Time Ranch offers a world of stunning 3D graphics and lovable characters. Watch how learning becomes a treat!

Gunnart the farmer needs help to care for his animals. Assist him by feeding his strange and exotic animals at the correct time, and they will reward you for your efforts. Use the in-game currency to get new and exciting animals and decorate their pens while you learn to tell the time. *There are no in-app-purchases.

Educational Game

  • Created and designed for ages 5-9.
  • Learn how to set the clock, both with visual help or just with text.
  • Learn translation between analogue clock, digital clock and text.
  • Learn how to use AM/PM with stunning day and night graphics.
  • Learn clock terms like ‘quarter to’, ‘half past’, ‘o’clock‘ etc.
  • Learn as the difficulty gradually increases through 7 missions X 10 levels.
  • Rewards will keep children focused and engaged.


  • All texts in spoken dialogue.
  • Created in beautiful and captivating 3D graphics.
  • 9 different animal families that can be collected.
  • Lots of ways to decorate the animals’ pens.
  • Easy to read text font designed for dyslexics.
  • Clear interface that allows children to understand how to play.
  • Both game mode and practice mode.


  • We have absolutely no advertising or in-app purchases!
  • No tracking function or advertisements in apps.
  • Recommended for iPad2, iPhone4 and later versions.
  • If you experience any problems with the app’s performance, try to restart it. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact us!

You need a Zcooly account to play Zcooly Time Ranch.

Zcooly Time Ranch screenshot
Zcooly Time Ranch screenshot
Zcooly Time Ranch screenshot
Zcooly Time Ranch screenshot

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